Sours Watermelon Shock

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Watermelons are tasty and refreshing, but portable they are not. That’s why we packed these bite sized golden raisins with big-time watermelon flavor, then added a shock of sour to top it off. Take Watermelon Shock Raisels with you wherever you go.


Each pack includes:

  • 60/0.7 oz Sours Watermelon Shock pouches

Unit price:

  • $0.50/pouch

What makes Raisels so awesome?

  • Made with whole fruit
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • No syrups or concentrates
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly


Raisels Sours are made from real Golden Raisins, spruced up with natural flavors to give them a sour kick you won’t believe. Unlike other fruit snacks and sour candy, Raisels Sours are made with whole dried fruit pieces and zero artificial flavors – making them the perfect lovable treat for people of all ages.

This product contains sulfur dioxide for color retention.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.9 × 12.4 × 3.5 in

9 reviews for Sours Watermelon Shock

  1. Michelle Seagle-Amaya

    So yummy!!! These are my son and my favorite flavor we’ve tried so far! They taste like candy! These are the ONLY raisins my 8 year old will eat.

  2. Jade dockery

    Where were these during my childhood! Perfect amount of sour, un describable watermelon that’s to die for! Normal raisins will never be good enough.

  3. Ryan White

    I would choose this over ANY candy, ANY day!!!!

  4. Marina ruder

    I discovered these via lovewithfood box recently and absolutely in love with them! Looking forward to trying more flavors. Great snack for kids or adults! I highly recommend these!!

  5. Tony benedetto (verified owner)

    Got them passed some out to the kids and adults big hit everyone loved them me included . ty

  6. Cindy Piek

    I bought a box that had all the flavors. I think 96 individual boxes were in it. I was offered a box of the orange flavor. I thought this was one of the best inventions of fruit. I now have less than half of the boxes left cuz I cant quit snackng on them. I cant pick a favorite cuz they are all good but lemon and orange are the ones I’ve eaten most. Thank u National Raisin Co of Fowler Ca:)) this 55year old Absolutely Loves Raisels!

  7. Brandi Woods (verified owner)

    Love sour watermelon!

  8. Marilyn

    SO. GOOD. The watermelon flavoring on these is unmatched. Definitely my favorite Sours flavor!

  9. Cheyenne

    So delicious!

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