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We took our most popular flavors from each of our three flavor profiles and put them into one sample pack so that you can try the variety of flavors that are Raisels®! Sour, Sweet, or Spicy, which one are you?!


Raisels® Sours, we packed these bite sized golden raisins with big-time fruit flavor, then added a shock of sour to top it off.


Raisels® Fruit Flavored, the newest most sweetest line up yet, with NO SUGAR ADDED!


Raisels® Fiesta! Made with real fruit and a savory blend of chili limón spices that give way to a sweet pineapple interior.

Each pack includes:

  • 1 – .7 oz Sours Watermelon Shock pouch
  • 1 – .7 oz Fruit Flavored Tropical pouch
  • 1 – .7 oz Fiesta Pineapple pouch

What makes Raisels® so awesome?

  • #1 Ingredient Is REAL FRUIT
  • A Gluten-Free Food
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Colors


All of our Raisels® are made from real Golden Raisins, spruced up with natural flavors to give them either a sour, sweet, or spicy kick you won’t believe. Unlike other fruit snacks and sour candy, Raisels® are made with whole dried fruit pieces and zero artificial flavors – making them the perfect lovable treat for people of all ages.

This product contains sulfur dioxide for color retention.

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Additional information

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Dimensions 10 × 6 × .5 in

4 reviews for Sampler Pack

  1. Linda Hall (verified owner)

    Bought the sample pack pretty much to try the sours. I am addicted to sour candy and want something healthier. I love the sour watermelon and can’t wait to try the others. I also enjoyed the chili one. It’s the mexican chili spice that we use of fruit and it’s pretty good. My least favorite but still good are the fruit flavors.

  2. Kathleen Ramirez

    Can’t even tell they’re raisins. They are so delicious!! The watermelon shock actually tastes sour, the fruit punch is nice and sweet, and the chili limon has a small kick. Great healthy alternative to snack. My one and two year olds loved them and asked for more.

  3. Rebecca Sanchez

    Delicious! I especially loved the pineapple chili flavor! Such a yummy snack!

  4. Jess

    Very yummy! Fruit punch is delicious and Chile lemon

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