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Spice up your life with our new Raisels Fiesta! Made with real fruit and a savory blend of chili limón spices that give way to a sweet pineapple interior – these are our boldest Raisels yet! The ideal snack for those who love adventure. Welcome to the fiesta!


Each pack includes:

  • 60/.7 oz Fiesta Pineapple Chili Limón pouches

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  • $0.50/pouch

What makes Raisels so awesome?

  • Made with whole fruit
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • No syrups or concentrates
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly


Raisels Fiesta are made from real Golden Raisins, spruced up with natural fruit flavor and a fiery blend of chili limón spices. Unlike other fruit snacks and candy, Raisels Fiesta are made with whole dried fruit pieces and zero artificial flavors – making them the perfect lovable treat for people of all ages.

This product contains sulfur dioxide for color retention.

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.9 × 12.4 × 3.5 in

300 count, 60 count


.7oz Pouch

12 reviews for Fiesta Pineapple

  1. Claudia

    The best raisins I’ve ever had. My kids don’t like spicy, so they left them in the kitchen. After several weeks I read the flavors and tried them for the first time. I just couldn’t stop eating them! And now I’m all addicted to it lol. I need to get some more!

  2. Art Garcia

    I’ve so far only tried the Fiesta Flavor. I absolutely love it. They aren’t super spicy but you can taste the minor kick and they are equally sweet. My kids brought them home from school and they said it was raisins, I immediately turned them down. A few weeks later I saw them again and my wife told me to try them, I did. And not I wait for the days they bring some home, so now I’m gonna order a bunch of them and try the new flavors I didn’t even know existed.

  3. Michelle Davis (verified owner)

    Curse you school lunches for getting teachers addicted to these little treats!!!

  4. Shakuisha smith

    They give these out at school and there delicious

  5. Devin

    Haha I love Raisels! They are so yummy and good and I like them and MmmMmm! I buy Raisels and EVERYBODY love them! Thank you Raisels for great meal times! 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️🙈

  6. Maribel Poulin

    The Fiesta flavor is by far the best and most delicious one. They’re so addicting. I can’t stop eating them. Sweet and spicy, such a perfect combination of flavors. I’ve gotten so many people addicted to them. If you haven’t tried them you’re missing out!

  7. Evan

    I love these delicious, golden, gems of tastiness! Sweet, sour, and slightly spicy; how can all that alliteration go wrong? It can’t! Thanks for these wonderful delights!

  8. Michelle

    By far my favorite snack! I can’t get enough of these little gems, I eat a box everyday after lunch! The flavor combination is perfection!

  9. Peter

    I love these! Perfect mix of sweet sour and spicy. Delicious for movie night or anytime.

  10. Dan (verified owner)

    These are a hit in my family. My favorite.

  11. Rachell

    Raisels make eating raisins enjoyable. The fiesta flavor is my favorite. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out! I like having these at my desk for a snack when my stomach starts growling at me. Thank you Raisels!

  12. Alicia

    Omg these are sooo delicious I licked the box. 😂 so I went looking for them, my daughter gave them to me.

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