Why Gluten Free Road Trip Snacks Are A Healthier Choice

Finding the right kind of road trip snacks for your kids can be a difficult task. Keeping in mind the healthier choice, gluten free snacks are better for kids.

Heading out on a family a road trip soon? You’ll want to make sure you’ve got your car stocked with all the things you’ll need for the road ahead.

If you’re traveling with kids, road trip snacks aren’t just a bonus. Healthy, car-friendly snacks are a necessity.

Not all snacks are created equal. Read on to learn more about why gluten-free snacks are an excellent choice for the little ones in your life. You might even find a few you can’t resist for yourself!

Why are Gluten-Free Snacks So Popular?

The gluten-free lifestyle has undoubtedly been in the news lately. From grocery store shelves to daytime talk shows, it’s certainly a buzz-worthy topic. So what’s it all about and is it right for kids?

Gluten-free items have always been around. They’ve been much harder to spot in the past because many of the best gluten-free snacks don’t come with labels.

Natural, gluten-free snacks, like raisins, apples, and avocados, have always been around. For many years, we’ve known their value. What we didn’t know, however, was just how harmful foods containing gluten were. 

Gluten is present in many common foods like bread, but can also be present in less suspect snacks. From crackers to pretzels, gluten is often lurking in road trip ready meals.

Why Should I Buy Gluten-Free Snacks for My Family?

Store-bought items like bread contain more gluten than ever. Bread that has been made in a traditional style takes time to ferment. 

Supermarket shopping has changed the game since it’s inception. Instead of high-quality foods, lower price and greater product variety and availability have taken precedence.

In short, the meat, grain, and dairy that your grandparents ate won’t be found in your local supermarket. Factory farms now inject animals with growth hormones and excessive levels of antibiotics. Bread is made with higher levels of gluten than ever. Incoculous food items now contain GMO ingredients. This isn’t your grandma’s grocery store anymore.

Making good choices to ensure your family’s health isn’t an overreaction. If you care about the health of your family, it’s essential that you account for the shift in food quality that has occurred. When it comes to the health of your family, ignorance doesn’t equal bliss.

Planning for a road trip means you can provide options before your kids zero in on a snack that may be harmful. As a rule of thumb, packing a snack ahead of time is always a good idea.

You’ll have more control over what your kids are ingesting and will feel less inclined to cave if your child asks for a snack that contains gluten.

Why Should You Pick Gluten-Free Snacks?  

Gluten is particularly harmful to those with Celiac disease. That doesn’t mean that going gluten-free is only a good idea for those who have been diagnosed with Celiac. 

Gluten sensitivity is relatively common and remains undiagnosed in most of the people who experience its symptoms. Low to moderate gluten intolerance can cause inflammation in the body.

This inflammation can contribute to a variety of on-going health issues for your child. These adverse side effects may include irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomach, and ADHD to name a few.

Leaky gut is also often attributed to the presence of gluten in one’s diet. Leaky gut may sound like a medical issue that can’t be taken seriously, but in reality, it’s anything but that. 

Permeations created in the gut through irritation can cause harmful toxins to leak into the body. A diet low in gluten can help the body repair. Also, probiotics may help create a healthy gut.

Healthy snacks for kids doesn’t have to be tricky. Ensuring your family’s health can be easy if you plan.

What Gluten-Free Road Trip Snacks Should You Choose?

Going to the grocery store may seem like a mundane task, but it is anything but. The decisions you make while shopping can have a significant impact on the health of your child.

Food and beverages are the only substances regularly ingested internally by your child. What you choose to give them will have a tremendous impact on their overall health.

Unfortunately, not all gluten-free snacks are created equal. Many snacks that come packaged with a gluten-free label still aren’t a right choice for kids.

This is because many companies account for the absence of gluten with more sugar to replace the taste generally associated with the gluten-laden alternative. 

By staying in the areas devoted to produce, dairy, and meat, you’re likely to encounter more naturally gluten-free products. 

What Else is Lurking In Your Child’s Food?

Other food additives, like preservatives, can also create health issues for your family. While it’s nearly impossible to irradicate all potential health risks, making smart choices for your family won’t be something you regret.

Getting kids to eat healthily is far easier when you take the time to plan. Stock your fridge with naturally gluten-free items when you’re home and hunt for excellent, easy to carry options when you’re planning a family road trip. 

Regardless of rather you’re shopping for yourself or your child, whole foods are always a good option. Focus on selecting foods that come from the produce department and stay away from aisles in the middle of the store.

Making Smart Choices for Your Family

Chances are your kids aren’t the only ones likely to experience hunger pangs while on a road trip. If you plan with smart road trip snacks, you may find yourself soon reaching for them too.

If you care about your family, make the smart choice for you and your kids. Living gluten-free doesn’t just mean healthier children; it can mean healthier parents too.

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