10 Reasons Why Raisins Are The Best Lunch Snacks For School

Raisins have been known to be the best lunch snacks to eat at school. It’s a snack that has so many nutritional benefits and it’s sweet enough for any child.

Many parents worry about kids snacking at lunchtime. When your children are at school you don’t have control over what they’re eating during the lunch break.

However, you shouldn’t worry about snacking. The question is more – what kind of snacks are your kids eating at school?

Give your kids raisins to take to school with them. Nutritious and delicious – Raisins are the best lunch snacks for school.

Check out the reasons why raisins are the best snack for your kids below. Let’s get started!

1. They Taste Delicious 

Of course, you want your kid to eat healthy at school. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean packing their backpack with carrot sticks and broccoli chunks. 

Your kid will probably be complaining about having to eat vegetables for snacks. All of your child’s friends at school may have yummy snacks. 

But, you won’t get any complaints if you send them to school with a bag of raisins. Raisins are just tasty. There are no two ways about it.

Give your kid a handful of raisins to enjoy and they’ll never forget it. 

2. They Satisfy Kids With a Sweet Tooth

Around 51 percent of Americans say that they have a sweet tooth.

This number is particularly high among kids. If your kid loves sweet foods, then it can be difficult to constantly say “no” to them.

And yet, you should know that not all sweet foods are sugary candy. Raisins are also packed with sugar. 

But, natural and simple sugars which are contained in raisins are much healthier. That’s why many people call raisins “nature’s candy.”

3. Easy and Convenient to Eat 

You also want to be able to send your kid to school with a healthy and delicious snack which doesn’t make a mess.

If your kid is always covered in food, then the teacher’s at school won’t be happy about it. You also don’t want a snack which melts in the warm weather or needs to be consumed hot or cold.

Raisins come in small boxes which can be packed away until lunchtime. They won’t get crushed or destroyed, they’ll be good to eat whenever.

If your kid forgets to eat the raisins at lunchtime (which we highly doubt), they can also be consumed the next day. They don’t go off for ages!

4. Healthy and Nutritious 

Raisins are also delicious and packed with goodness. Under 15 percent of Americans eat enough fruit and vegetables.

This is especially worrying when it comes to kids. They need to get the right nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

Raisins count towards the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. 

Raisins are also low in cholesterol, which can keep them healthy. They are also high in fiber, calcium, and potassium. 

If you are concerned that your kid doesn’t get enough iron and you’re wondering do raisins have iron in them – yes they do!

5. Good for Dental Health 

Did you know that tooth decay is almost four times more common than asthma among children?

You need to ensure that your kids brush and floss regularly. They should also be making visits to the dentist for check-ups. 

However, your kid’s diet also matters. This 2013 study found that eating raisins can actually help prevent cavities. 

By removing the bacteria in the mouth, it is thought that raisins reduce the risk of developing oral diseases.

Even though the sticky fruitiness of raisins may suggest that they will get stuck inside your teeth, this isn’t the case.

6. Low in Fat 

Approximately one in three kids is overweight in the US. Obesity is a major problem which can creep up on you.

Before you know it, your kids are significantly overweight. You need to give them snacks which won’t make them fat.

There are only 0.5 grams of fat in 100g of raisins. That’s nothing!

7. There are Lots of Variety 

Eating the same snacks every day can be boring. But, there are so many varieties of raisins to choose from, your kid will never get fed up.

Fancy chili lemon pineapple? Is Sour Lemon splash more your taste? Is Orange Burst is the best?

Do you want to discover more flavors of Raisels? Check out our product page!

8. Keep Up Energy Levels 

Learning new stuff all day every day at school can be exhausting. Your kid needs a boost around lunchtime to keep going in the afternoon.

Nothing beats a box of raisins for an energy-boosting snack. Unlike a piece of candy, raisins provide a slow and steady release of energy.

9. It’s Gluten-Free

Around 6-7 percent of Americans have a gluten sensitivity. That is around 20 million people with the condition. Many of which are children and teens.

If your child is gluten sensitive or intolerant, that rules out a bunch of snacks. Raisins don’t contain gluten, so they’re a great gluten-free snack

10. They are Filling 

The last thing you want is for your kid to go hungry at school. Raisins are much more filling than you realize. 

Even a small handful of raisins can keep your kid going without hunger for longer. This will also stop them from snacking on unhealthy snacks in the afternoon.

Raisins are the Best Lunch Snacks for School

Now you know the reasons why raisins are the best lunch snacks. Raisins are healthy, delicious and easy! 

Sending your kid to school with a box of fun and flavored Raisels will keep them stronger and healthier in the classroom.

Do you want to know more about what raisins can do for your health? Check out our blog post here!