Super Fun After School Activities For Kids To Do At Home

With school coming back in full swing check out our list on after school activities for kids and make school nights fun!

With summer ending, it’s time to start thinking about after school activities. Summer was great and it was nice to let go of schedules and let the kids do their own thing.

However, now that school is starting back up, it’s time to get back into a routine. Part of that routine should be planning fun things to do both for and with your kids.

We’ve jotted down some fun options for after school activities for kids and parents alike!

After School Activities for Kids

Of course, part of after school activities for kids will always involve doing homework. But young kids may not have homework every night, or any at all for that matter. It’s important not to let them slip back into the habits of summertime laziness.

Check out our top 10 list of after school activities for kids!

1. Arts and Crafts

While they may have classes arts and crafts at school, kids don’t always get to be creative in their own way. For example, many art classes have a lot of rigidity. Why not use some extra time at home to let them be 100% creative.

You set simple rules and projects, but use this time to allow them to express themselves.

You could give them one or two nights a week to start building a small home-made book. Give them a minimum number of pages and let them create their own story and do their own illustrations.

Alternatively, you could teach them how to make paper airplanes and have a flying contest. The options are nearly endless. You could teach them to knit, sew, do origami, etc.

2. Family Game Night

Another great idea for after school activities and for the whole family is a group game night. It shouldn’t be every night or it will become an obligation for both you and the kids.

However, a few nights a week, whip out the board games or play some simple outdoor yard games. These can include everything from volleyball, badminton, corn hole, or horseshoes. 

If you’re the type of parents that enjoy video games, you can have a family video game night. Just be sure not to destroy the kiddos too badly or they’ll never want to play with you again!

Family game night can also turn into a family movie night. You may also find a great series on Netflix or Hulu the whole family can enjoy.

3. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor games aren’t the only after school activities for kids you can do outside. For example, when people go camping with kids, they often make an effort to find activities for them. These camping activities can be just as useful as after school activities.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a short drive for a nature walk or teaching the kids some camping skills in the back yard! For that matter, if the weather permits, there’s nothing wrong withing putting up a tent for the night either!

When going on outdoor adventures, make sure you pack plenty of awesome snacks. The last thing you want to do is be stuck in the woods with a bunch of starving kids!

4. Kid Chefs

From the time they learn to speak, it seems like every kid wants to play restaurant. They also do it with surprising accuracy. They run up and take your order and come back to tell you the kitchen is out of certain menu items.

However, playing restaurant is one of the best after school activities for kids of all ages. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to get your kids to try new foods. They’ll be much more likely to eat something they’ve prepared simply because they’re proud of it.

5. Create a Family Play

Another great option for after school activities for kids and the whole family is creating a play. This can be as short or in-depth as you want it to be.

For extra fun and a family challenge, make it a long-running event full of planning, creating, building props, and running rehearsals. Then, when everyone’s ready, invite friends and families over to enjoy your play!

6. Dance Night

There are a lot of physical, mental, and emotional benefits of dancing. There are also a lot of options.

For example, you can enlist the whole family in dance classes and enjoy weekly instructions. Alternatively, you could use YouTube or other internet sources to help everyone learn a dance routine. Finally, you could just blast some music and let everyone express themselves however they see fit!

7. Study Sessions

While it technically falls under the category of homework, a well-spent after school activities for kids may involve family study sessions. It’s also a great way to stay involved in your kids’ learning process.

However, there are ways to make it fun. You do trivia-style competitions, hold races, and more. The key is to get everyone involved, have fun, and promote learning!

8. City Sports

Another great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle is to get your kids interested in sports. Sure, there are school sports, but perhaps your child is interested in something their school doesn’t offer.

For example, maybe they want to join a dance studio, gymnastics, or a martial arts academy. You never know unless you ask. Make sure your kids are aware of all their options, you never know what after school activity may turn into a lifelong passion.

9. Extracurricular Activities

While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about extracurricular school activities. Depending on your child’s age and school, there are a lot of options here.

For example, if sports aren’t their thing, there’s also math leagues, chess clubs, debate teams, and spelling bees. Don’t be afraid to ask the school what kind of programs they offer!

10. Family Fitness

Finally, great after school activities for kids and adults to benefit from can come in many forms. Family fitness time, for example, is a great way to keep the whole family healthy and active during the school year.

Like everything else on this list, this can look however you want it. You can create simple workouts for the whole family to do inside or out in the yard. You could also buy a family membership at your local gym and go from there.

Finally, family fitness time may be going on bike rides, hikes, jogs/walks, etc. a few times a week. The choice is totally in your hands!

Once again, make sure you provide plenty of fuel for the whole family while working out. Low blood sugar can cause a lot of problems when engaging in physical activity.

Have Fun

Whatever after school activities for kids you decide on, make sure you’re having fun and bonding as a family. Remember also to let your kids decide if they want to make any big commitments. We can’t force them to like things.

However, if they decide they want to commit to something, it’s important to make them stick it out. We need to teach them the value of commitment, even if it means suffering through a season of a sport they decide they don’t like after all!

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