Trick or Treat: 9 Best Halloween Candy Alternatives for Kids

3 Young Girls Trick or Treating
3 Trick-Or-Treaters Heading Out In The Neighborhood

Kids get enough candy on Halloween. Give them a healthier Halloween candy alternative, like the sweet snacks in this guide.

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, make luck be yours on Halloween… that your kids get gifted things other than gobs of unhealthy candy.

As a mother, it’s hard to have a balance on this holiday between letting your little ones enjoy the trick or treating tradition and being worried about all the sugar they’re consuming.

And with childhood obesity rates at 17% here in the U.S. wouldn’t it be nice to break the cycle of handing out candy bars on this spooky occasion? Halloween candy alternatives are growing more and more popular as parents like you shift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle for their kids.

Want to help break the cycle of Halloween candy overload? Consider these 9 candy alternatives for kids!

Animal Crackers

Do you remember the good old days of trying to identify which animal you had just pulled out of your snack bag before biting its head off, or was that just me?

The matter of fact is kids, love animal-shaped anything. Individual packs of animal-shaped crackers are a fun and healthy alternative to chocolate or sugary sweets.

These crackers can be found in a variety of flavors and brands and are sure to put a smile on any child’s face as they secretly hope they get a cracker shaped like their favorite creature.


If you haven’t heard of this exciting snack yet you and your kids are missing out. Raisels are fun flavored golden raisins that have no artificial sweeteners and are a full serving of fruit per carton.

This makes them a creative way to get your child eating more fruit because we all know how hard that can sometimes be.

And although you could hand out regular boxes of raisins, Raisels are kid-friendly with a wide variety of candy-like flavors including Sour Watermelon Shock, Tropical, and Chili Limon Pineapple.


If you are hoping to stay away from sugar in general, consider handing out packs of mini pretzels. They are low in calories and can be a delightful salty alternative to the wide variety of sweet things every kid will be eating.

Plus, the little bit of salt will help replenish kids’ electrolytes after a night of running around the block, something many parents will appreciate.

Cheese Sticks

Another kid-friendly non-sweet candy alternative is cheese sticks! As kids go from door to door all night, they can get pretty worn out. A little serving of cheese will help keep their stamina up and give them a bit of protein.

This can also help to prevent them from being hungry and diving into the candy stash right away.

Keep them in a cooler before handing them out to ensure they stay cold as long as possible once they get thrown into the bag.

Pop Corn

Who doesn’t love snacking on popcorn? Individual popcorn packs are low calories and depending on the ones you buy can be packed with whole grains.

Popcorn is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters and can be bought in a few different flavors. Try to stay away from ones that are buttery and fattening and instead go with popcorn that has just been lightly coated in sunflower oil and salt or cane sugar.

Honey Sticks

This naturally sweet snack will satisfy every child’s sweet tooth but won’t have the little ones wired on a sugar buzz all night.

So, they will still get a natural boost of energy after enjoying this tasty treat, but raw honey actually helps the body make tryptophan which is an amino acid that makes you sleepy.

Plus, honey is filled with antioxidants and even though it is high in sugar, it is still natural sugar which is a good alternative to the artificial sugar in candy.

Glow Sticks

Giving out non-edible treats in also an excellent alternative to beat the sugar craze. Glow sticks are fun for kids and have an added bonus of promoting safety from cars.

The colorful glow adds extra visibility during the dark night. Glow bracelets and necklaces are awesome from a kids’ point of view and can give them something to play with for the rest of the night verse a treat that only satisfies them for a second.

Halloween Accessories

Plastic vampire teeth, skeleton necklaces, and spooky spider rings can add some festive fun to the night and give trick or treaters something to play with for days to come.

You can easily find a big bag of these at your local dollar or party store. Spooky accessories help encourage the Halloween tradition without the scary sugar overload.

You can even find these accessories in glow in the dark variety for even more fun.

Spooky Temporary Tattoos

Kiddos love fun and Halloween themed temporary tattoos. This treat is cheap and easy to find, you can even order them online.

And what kid won’t love showing off their trick or treating prize the next day at school?

If you really want to become the favorite house on the street, consider setting up a table where kids can apply their newly gifted tattoos right then and there, with parental permissions of course.

Try Out Halloween Candy Alternatives

Give the above listed Halloween candy alternatives a chance. Kids will surprisingly love them, and you can feel good about combating the mass overload of sugar.

Also, by stepping out of the go-to candy treat, you’ll be encouraging other parents to do the same.

For more healthy snack ideas check out our blog.