Enjoy the Outdoors: 6 Fun Ideas to Do While Camping with Kids

Camping With Kids - Yellow Tent Under The Stars
Enjoy The Outdoors: Tent Under The Stars

Enjoy the Outdoors: 6 Fun Ideas to Do While Camping with Kids

Do you want your children to enjoy the outdoors? A camping trip can be just the thing. Here are some great ideas to try while camping with kids.

Do you think it’s time to let your kids tag along during your camping expeditions? Well, that’s an excellent idea. But you need to realize that you’ll need to adopt a new strategy this time around.

What you consider exciting during a camping adventure may be different from what your kids like. Camping with kids requires some preparation and sacrifice. What captivates a five-year-old is not what works for a teenager, and it may not be what works for you either.

You need to look for fun activities that will be attractive to your kids, depending on their age. There are so many fun things to do when camping with kids. But here are the most interesting ones:

1. Sing and Tell Stories Around a Campfire

If your kids are small, this is one of the best ways to get them excited about camping. Kids love stories, and they can’t let any chance of you telling them one to pass by. Gather them around a campfire on the first evening for a story, and they’ll ask for one on all the subsequent evenings.

Thinking this isn’t for you because you’re not a good storyteller? Well, you can carry a storybook and read it for the kids. You can also find interesting short stories on many websites and read them to your kids.

Plus, whether your family is musical or not, your kids will enjoy singing around a campfire. If any of you plays a musical instrument like a guitar, carry it along. There are many simple campfire sing-along songs that you can rely on to make the experience fun.

If you don’t know any of the camping songs, carry a Bluetooth speaker and stream the music from a site like Youtube. Once you learn it, your whole family can then sing along.

2. Get Your Kids Camping Toys

Camping for kids, especially small ones, is just extended playtime. They need to be engaged all the time or else you’ll find them putting stones in your car’s exhaust pipe.

Carry all the toys you think are necessary for your kid. If they’re too young to help with some camping duties, bring them a bike, ball, spade, truck, and any other toy that may keep them engaged.

The toys you carry along should help your kid have the ultimate outdoor experience. Carry a small plastic shovel and let them go around digging holes. Let them make mud and play in it.

Kids need to feel the freedom of being outdoors. Just carry adequate sanitizers to clean and disinfect their hands and body after they’re done playing.

3. Get Your Kids Engaged in Camping Activities

When camping with kids, it’s easy for them to get bored when they’re idle. The best way to let them enjoy camping is by engaging them in small camping tasks. Even if the chores aren’t significant, they’ll feel part of the whole activity.

Assign your kids duties such as collecting firewood, filling water containers, and hammering stakes. Let the kids help with setting up tents. You can ask them to tie some knots, pump air into mattresses, or clear some ground to set up a campfire.

Make it seem like the chores you give them are competition and promise a reward. That way, they’ll be more aggressive in doing them. If they’re old enough, teach them to cook the camp style-way (that is without ovens or stoves).

The more your kids are engaged in camping activities, the more they’re likely to enjoy the experience.

4. Play Camping Games

There are very many family camping games that you can try when doing kids camping. Here are some of them. Determine what type of game your kids are most likely to enjoy and master it.

You can also teach them some of the games you were taught as a kid. And to make the experience even more exciting for the kids, ask them to show you a game you don’t know.

You can also carry card and board games to keep the kids engaged when they are not interested in muscle draining games. Remember, you’ll need to bring energy snacks to give your kids the strength to put up with exhausting activities. Consider buying them some fun flavored golden raisins.

5. Go For Nature Walks

Don’t stay around one area when camping with kids and expect them to enjoy the experience. Kids are little explorers that want to find out more. They want to know about their surroundings and what’s beyond the trees around the campsite.

Take them for a nature walk and let them immerse themselves in the beauty of mother earth. Bring along bug catchers and magnifying lenses. Let the kids catch, study, and release bugs, birds, or even frogs back into the environment.

Ask them to name plants they find along the way. Let them debate who is right about a certain plant and who is wrong. You carry a book with the plants and their names or use an app to cross-check answers.

If your kids are teenagers, you can go out for a family hike. It’s the best way to explore the outdoors, exercise, and bond as a family.

6. Take The Kids Fishing

If you’re camping near a water body, don’t miss to take your kids out for fishing. There’s nothing as exciting as seeing their spasms of joy when they make a first fish catch.

Teach them how to set up a fishing line, and see if they can catch some dinner. If you don’t have a modern fishing line with you, try the traditional method of spearfishing. It will serve as entertainment for your kids as they watch you struggle to make a catch.

If there are rental boat services around, you can make the fishing experience even better. It will both be a fun family boat ride and fish catching adventure.

Camping with Kids Is Fun!

Camping with kids is an exciting experience that can teach your kids plenty of stuff. Try all the above fun activities in your next camping trip with kids, and they’ll love the adventure. Don’t forget to shop for fun flavored golden raisins to keep your little ones energized.