Have your candy, eat your fruit :)

Fun flavored snacks made with real, whole fruit.

Pick your MIX :)

Sweet, Sour & Spicy flavors

1. Pick from 7 fun flavors
2. 60 pouches in each box
3. Free 2-3 day shipping

I would choose these over ANY candy, ANY day!

Ryan White

Being an entrepreneur, me and my girls are constantly on the go! Raisels are a yummy, healthier snack that's perfect for busy mom days!

Jahneiss Groce
Lifestyle Blogger

These are sooooo good! Not only do I love them my four children love them! I can't decide which is my favorite!

Mom of four

Real fruit. Real flavor.

Ingredients you can count on one hand

No artificial flavors or sweeteners
No corn syrup
Vegan friendly
Made with Real Fruit
Gluten free